LED Solutions


We have over 15 years of experience setting up LED solutions at international trade fairs and conferences worldwide.

LED screens

We provide high-end LED screens for your fair-booth or conference.

Different options

Our modular panels can provide a variety of different shapes and surfaces.

Full service

Describe us your vision and we will make it into reality. It's that simple.

What do we do?

We make you visible!

It doesn't matter if you are presenting your company at a large trade fair, having a launch party for your product or service, or hosting a conference - our job is to make it look visually excellent and professional.

We own a large variety of modular light-emitting diode screens that we can use to present your brand's visuals, videos, product presentations, etc.

We regularly help companies be visible at fairs and conferences in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

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Imagination is the limit

Our LED tiles offer
endless possibilities

Straight LED tile

1. Straight tile

This is the first step of every installation – a convertible LED tile, fully compatible with the Aluvision frame system and Hi-LED 55.

LED Corner

2. Corner

Let’s improve what we have and get the magic started –  convert two tiles into a seamless 90° corner.

LED 3d corner

3. CORNER in 3D

Let’s go even further and add a little extra and create a 3D corner. Don’t forget, all of this with just one building block.

LED cube

4. Cube

Let’s go all the way and create a cube. Then, combine more Hi-LED 55+ tiles to make different-sized cubes.

Led tile

5. Concave & convex

Let’s create waves, curved walls, or any curved construction. Just go wild! The sky is the limit! 

Led Solutions

OUR service

Key points to keep in mind

Our solutions are for inside use only.

Our led panels are not weatherproof, so we only rent them for events where necessary conditions are met.

We do the assembly.

Your team won't have to spend hours reading the manual to get the LED installation to work. We do that for you.

We organize the transport of the panels.

You won't have to worry about getting panels and other tech to the venue of your event. We will organize that.

We program LEDs to work as you need them to.

We use specially designed software to make our LED panels perform as necessary.

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